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Our firm is committed to educate, raise awareness about the benefits and thrill of cycling and provide excellent advertising services to our sponsors through the creation of a series of elite events that encompass different athletic levels and a perfect opportunity to spend time with athletes and general public in a family-oriented activity while enjoying the huge benefits derived from participating in a sporting activity.

Cycling is a very popular sport that already attracts thousands of riders and enthusiasts who enjoy the sport and the adventure. Furthermore, it is not a secret that cycling is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise with less impact on the knees than jogging or running providing an inexpensive, family-oriented opportunity to improve overall wellness and health.

A few benefiting facts of the sport are:

* Cycling burns 600 calories an hour.

*Adolescents who bike are 48 % less likely to be overweight as adults.

* Women who bike 30 minutes a day have lower risk of breast cancer.

* Cycling is the #2 form of exercise just behind walking.

Participant Demographics

*Largest age group 35+
*Average income 70+k
*Most cyclist are college graduates.
*More than 70% of participants have a personal computer and surf the net.
*Cycling and running combined have over 86 million annual participants.
*Cycling is the #1 form of exercise for doctors and lawyers over age 40.

Spectator Demographics

*Media age 37
*Average household income 70+k
*Over 60% college graduates.
*More than 70% of spectators have a personal computer and surf the net.

Sponsorship and Supporting Opportunities.

It is important to remember that the size, location and impact of any advertised product are contingent upon the level of sponsorship that a client selects. The key to obtain measurable results in the advertising world is investment. With our agency, we go one step further by ensuring that your support will not always generate exposure and revenues but most importantly will yield significant goodwill value. In addition your contribution/investment may be tax deductible as a marketing expense or as a charitable contribution. (please consult a subject matter expert)

We are confident that our determinations and expertise together with your investment will achieve real and very rewarding results.

Here are a few samples of how and where our company promotes branding, products placement, advertising and marketing services for our sponsors.

*Live link in our website.   *Monthly email blast.
*Company Vehicle.               *Promotional Items.
*Corporate presence and appearances.
*Media Coverage: including written and visual means.
*Public relation and communication in the community.
*Events Tents.            *Banners.     *Events Apparel.
*Bike shops.                *Flyers, magazines and Brochures.
*Winners Podium.   *Start/finish line arch.

Our levels of  standard and levels of sponsorships are:
*Supporting Sponsor.

We have created some standards sponsoring opportunities that you can access in the link below please contact us if you do not find what you need as we can always customize a packet for your based on your needs. Once we have the opportunity to discuss your expectations, we will customize a sponsorship packet that will meet your specific needs and will formalize our agreement.

We invite you to be a sponsor for our events and start enjoying the success of our collective efforts.

Your decision will make a difference.

Thanks for your support……

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