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Pro Cycling Miami, Inc
The sport management company 
Pro Cycling Miami, Inc is a sport management company that began in 2004, specializing in the creation, coordination, promotion, communication and public and media relation aspect of unique cycling events.
Through the years we have created  a powerful combination of knowledge, expertise and a keen sense for detail that have resulted in phenomenal events. This fusion of elements has allowed us to emphasized the importance of educating the community about the benefits of the cycling (biking) while incorporating strategies that guarantee vast audience , High number of participants and profitable events offering outstanding opportunities for business development , profile-raising and exposure.

Some of our service and products include the design, management, logistics and execution of a series of professional and amateur, as well as, charitable cycling events in world renowned cities that combined vibrant atmosphere with scenery landscapes at the local, national and international level.

Cycling sponsorship provides access to a very attractive consumer demographic. An estimated 86 million Americans are active in some form of cycling, including 20 million cyclist enthusiast. There are more bicyclists in the U.S. than skiers, tennis players and golfers combined!  As an added bonus, they are also a desirable market with a large discretionary income. The largest demographic in the elite cycling fan base is affluent, upscale, and well educated with an average income of over $80.000, an median age 38 and a college graduate profile of over 90%. These individuals spend more than $5.5 billion annually to participate in the fastest growing amateur and spectator friendly sport in the United States.

Competitive cycling has everything your company needs for mass media attention: Speed, danger, drama and inspiriting feats of athleticism, therefore it has the ability to reach a desirable audience. The result of this is a sport that promotes a lifelong activity that appeals to people of all ages making it possible to reach a broad audience that goes beyond the demography of other sports. Additionally, the sport of cycling offers those who are interested a healthy, environment-friendly, and technologically innovative sport.

Pro Cycling Miami provides sponsors with the opportunity to build brand value and portray a positive image to current stakeholders and a new audience of potential customers. The event reaches beyond it demographics, creating an environments with no boundaries. Our event participants and specially the Vuelta a Miami participants are keenly loyal and will extend that loyalty to their sponsors. They offer and extended network through friends and family. 97% of our participants say they are more likely to do business with a sponsor than a non-sponsor.

Your organization will again extensive publicity, exposure and branding. Your commitment to becoming part of our event will be rewarded with profitable returns and measurable outcomes. All this will be predetermined by the level of sponsorship that you offer to us. To put thins in perspective, here are some examples of how we will brand and promote your business.

. Corporate branding, hyperlinks and prominent placement of logo in www.procyclingmiami.com

. Potential of interviews, photoshoots and media coverage from Vuelta a Miami as well as other events for sponsor’s promotional use.

. Sponsor promotion and hyperlinks on social media sites(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

. Sponsor’s name and brand image on Vuelta a Miami as well as other events press releases and media activities.

. Corporate branding on all promotional material produced for all events including flyers, banners, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters and blast emails to over 5000 subscribers.

We would be thrilled to meet with you at your convenience to further discuss our vision and ways in which we can foster a fruitful partnership to promote your business presence in the community and the benefits and enjoyments of cycling.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to start a successful business endeavor.

For an appointment or for more information please call , email us or follow us on Facebook

Johan Ismail


Email: Johan@procyclingmiami.com

Mobile: (786) 973 5484

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